• Vinegar Eels Starter Culture

Vinegar eels are small nonparasitic nematodes worms. They are are a must-have for any fish breeder as they function as an important stepping stone between smaller nematode feeds and larger live feed. Perfect as fry fish feed, because they are a live food, Vinegar eels activate a fish’s instinct to hunt.

Vinegar eels are an ideal size of live feed for most small- to mid-sized fishes (guppies, platies, molies, bettas, gourami, etc.) and fish fry.  Live foods are vital to the good health and nutrition of aquarium fish. They are what fish eat in nature, and a necessity for promoting a successful breading program and raising the fry.

Vinegar eels are possibly the easiest live food to keep and to culture, they can thrive for years with minimal attention. Not only are they easy to keep but they are also a very enticing food for young fry- lively wriggling attracts fry and can last for multiple-day in the water column, swimming through the water, meaning minimal wastage.

Our kit includes:

1. Vinegar eels starter culture
2. Instructions manual on how to set and successfully grow your culture

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Vinegar Eels Starter Culture

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